Custom Tablatures for
Guitar & Mandolin & Bass

Alois Kleewein
A-8071 Berndorf, Millöckerweg 7a


What's it all about:
Since about 12 years I successfully do run a Custom Transcription Service for fretted instruments like guitar, mandolin and bass. I can do almost any instrument, but these are the ones I actually play myself. I play many types of music, but my heart belongs to Accoustic Music, especially Bluegrass.

You can get whatever you need, whatever helps you further:

   • Chord progressions (in symbolic notation like // Cmaj / Dm7 // etc)
   • Chord tab (chord shapes in the tab and some some picking patterns, you figure out the rest yourself) - good for fingerpicking backups
   • Accurate transcription of a solo/break
   • Custom solo ("Write me a simple solo for Foggy Mtn. Breakdown in the style of Tony R*ce")

Send me the tune as *.mp3 file via e-mail and tell me what you would need (mandolin break from 00:53 to 01:24). I check it and give you a price estimation (which is an upper price limit I will not exceed). Usually I send along a sample file (just some measures tabbed) so you can see how it will look like. I use the TablEdit file format and you will need the free TablEdit Viewer to print and PLAY the tabs. If you own Guitar Pro or PowerTab or the like - no problem, you can import TablEdit files. Usually you'll get the lead instrument plus a bass and a chord track in the tab - this helps you to hear the break against a typical background and is a great aid to really learn and understand what's going on there.

See some examples of my actual work:    Bye Bye Blues (S. Kaufmann)    Dixie Hoedown (D. Grier)      Teasing the frets (N. Lucas, 1922)

For estimation use US$ 1.50/measure. Actually you will be charged for the time I spent working on your tab at a rate of US$ 30.00/60 min. You can pay me using PayPal (to my email address as above) or by sending a cheque/MO/cash to a good friend's music store (Marv's Music, where I have an account, see below).

Besides Tabs for private customers, I regularyly do transcriptions for "Flatpicking Guitar Magazine", now the 6th year, tune number 76 and still counting. At the moment, the full accurate Tab Book for the solo CD of one of the greatest flatpickers down here on earth (which I did in 2011) is being reviewed and will be in print soon. I recently also did Tab work for instructional material for Bryan Sutton (Bluegrass Academy).

Some links of great products, partners, pickles and friends:

Michael MacLeod's Acoustic Guitar Shop (Calgary)
Fine Thompson Guitars and "the one and only bulletproof cases" by Calton

Marv Sobolesky's Music Supply: Strings, picks, books - all that jazz...
The little shop with the big service and small prices. Go figure!

Marv is still my first place to order!

Don't miss out these folks when you're around!!!


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